1. How can I register for Holaa?

You can download the Holaa app and register by verifying your mobile number & providing profile information.

2. What are the features supported by Holaa?

Holaa! allows you to :-

  • Identify unknown callers
  • Block Spammers
  • Search people based on mobile number
  • Alert you about missed calls
  • Enhance your phonebook with Social contact’s photos
3. How does Holaa! identify mobile numbers?

Holaa! has a database of 300 Million plus mobile numbers, which is used to identify callers unknown to you. This is a growing number, ensuring a better experience for you with each passing day.

4. How do I manage all Blocked numbers?

Under ‘Settings’ go to ‘Manage Block list’

How can I un-block a previously Blocked number?

Under ‘Settings’ go to ‘Manage Block list’ and select the number you want to unblock and choose ‘Unblock contact’

6. Can I update my phone book with additional information provided by Holaa?

Yes you can. Visit the ‘Contact card’ and select the option “Merge” for saving additional contact info provided by Holaa.

7. How can I sync my social accounts with Holaa?

Under ‘Settings’ select ‘Sync Social account’ and register with you Facebook or Google account.

8. How can I view ‘Contact Card’ of my contacts and unknown numbers?

On the ‘Call log’ if you click on any specific contact, you will be able to see their ‘Contact Card’

9. How can I perform Smart Search?

In the Top Menu of Holaa app, select the ‘Search icon’. On the search screen, select the country and enter the number in space provided to get the name, photo, email address and location details of the person.

10. What is Activity Analyzer?

Activity Analyzer is that part of your ‘Contact card’ where you can view your past call history and total duration specific to the contact

11. How can I turn off sharing feed on my Facebook profile?

Visit ‘Settings’ and Un-select the ‘Share feed on Facebook’ option

12. Is Holaa available for iPhone & Windows Phone as well?

Not yet. Please expect them soon, though.

13. How do I contact Holaa Team?

Reach us at support@holaa.me